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Arrogant Or Just Lazy?

People are strange…

Recently there was an ad for a local networking group on Facebook. The advert stated the time, place, frequency, dates, cost and even details about parking. All anyone could reasonably want to know.

Several people responded that they would be interested in coming along, but one person sent a one-line message asking for the details to be sent to their email. Why? I have no idea, were they not aware that they could click ‘save’ to keep the post with details for later? Were they too lazy to copy and paste it to another document? Perhaps their IT skills were limited, and they didn’t have a piece of paper to hand.

Because I’m interested in people’s reactions, I checked this person out on their FB page, what was their profession? A Virtual Assistant! I was a little surprised and saddened that someone who is in the same business as me, a business where it is literally your business to be able to do any of the things above would feel the need to ask for the information to be emailed.

I imagine the advertiser felt the same, I can’t be sure that they didn’t accede to the request and send an email to one person who couldn’t be bothered to take down the details, but I do know that it was a great networking group and said person was not present.
You may think, so what? Big deal, but being a VA is important to me, I’m efficient, organised and self-reliant, why would I want to put someone to the trouble of emailing me details that they had so clearly gone to the trouble to give already? I don’t know, is it just me?