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So, You Earn More Than Me…

So, you earn more per hour than I do and that’s great. It could be great for both of us. Luckily, I have only once been in the position where someone has not hired me because of the price I charge. But I suspect there are plenty of people out there who have never made that first enquiry because they think working with a VA is too expensive.

If you are a small business, a sole trader, freelancer money can be tight, I know and understand. But I charge £25 per hour, (less for retainer packages) there, I’ve said it! If because of your expertise you are in a position to charge £50 per hour, £100 or more, then you can afford to work with someone like me. In fact, you will be saving money. How? I hear you ask.

Admin, we all have it if we run a business. Supposing it takes you two hours a week to keep your admin under control and I’m guessing it’s much longer if you include invoicing, chasing those invoices, updating your social media, adding things to your website, but let’s say two hours. That’s time that could be spent earning your hourly rate, £50 let’s say. So, you are spending £100 per week on keeping your admin under control. If you employ me to do it for you it will cost you £50 per week or if you have a retainer package, dependent on hours, £40 per week.
I have a lady who cleans my house, extravagant? No, she charges less that I do an hour, so while she is cleaning my house and making a very good job of it I’m sitting in my office earning my hourly rate.

Doesn’t that make sense that you should be out there doing what you do best, earning your hourly rate, not wasting it on your admin? Think about it, ‘you know it makes sense’.