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The Truth About Being a VA

There are still so many misconceptions about what I do that I’ve actually stopped referring to myself as a VA.  I now say I offer online business support, and although I still have to explain that, people seem less likely to have the following misconceptions.

  1. That all I do is typing
  2. That I’m employed, but just work from home
  3. That I spend all day in my pyjamas
  4. That I’m doing this for a little bit of money on the side (not a real business)
  5. That I’m going to offer a low rate because I’m ‘just a secretary’

Just to set the record straight

  1. I do type (fast) but not often as a main task
  2. I work with my clients, but I’m a freelance business owner
  3. I don’t own any pyjamas
  4. This is my business, my livelihood, it pays my bills
  5. My hourly rate is fair and justified, and probably a quarter of the hourly rate of my clients, meaning they save money and time by working with me.

Now I’ve set that straight, I’m going to type a client’s book, then go out and spend my ‘pocket money’ on some pyjamas that I can wear whilst sitting at my desk!